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Shifting priorities

I’ve been quiet for months. Much of my work has been afflicted with the challenge of overcoming breaking changes in third-party products which are pervasive in my apps. Not much fun, and as the project is finally winding down, so is my stamina. I need a change.

I’ve just acquired a Raspberry Pi, on my way to getting an irrigation system installed at my home. I was originally looking at an AVR based controller, but now, from the same vendor, I have the option of an add-on card to the Raspbery Pi to fulfill the same requirements.

Honestly, I thought this over for weeks. First, we’ve had so much rain this year that it’s not urgent to get a system installed–but I know it will be needed, soon enough. But second,  I have been an AVR fan for years, and it was initially attractive to have a controller based on an AVR. However, the more I thought about it, the more I was drawn to the Raspberry Pi solution. 

Both products are open source, but the AVR version is using Arduino, which would not be my first choice. the Raspberry Pi version controller is written in Python, also not high on my list, but as RPi is a Linux machine, and many languages are available for it, I have the option of designing my own controller, in C, C++, or Pascal, as I decide.

Further, I have no desire to deal with TCP/IP on the AVR. It may actually be well shielded from the user by the Arduino approach, but at best, this is a niche solution. The RPi on Linux follows a more general path.

As I said above, I have received my RPi, but as I have not yet had time to do more than look at it, I have little to say so far. In my next articles, I expect to document the process of getting it operational, and getting a development environment in place. More to come….

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